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Chimney Repair & Restoration

Like an ocean floor, your chimney forms the foundation of your home-exuberating warmth and beauty. When that foundation is in distress, most everything else is as well.At D&O Masonry, we are experts in rebuilding and restoring your chimney, or fireplace into a showpiece for generations to come.

At D&O, we specialize and cater to the restoration and repair of chimneys and fireplaces of historically older homes. With chimney brick and mortars decay, your chimney or fireplace may need rebuilding. Oftentimes, this process can either begin from the top-level, or from the ground- level up, depending on the overall fragility of the chimney itself. D&O Masonry experts can also pair existing brick within the new project.

To help keep your chimney or fireplace safe and secure, and to maintain the mortar joints it may be necessary to do something called Tuck-pointing. You may also need a ‘crown’ or a Concrete Cap to position clay ‘flue liners’ which prolongs the life and the safety of your chimney inside. And don’t forget Metal Flashing for the prevention of ceiling leaks that our experts at D&O can easily install for your added chimney or fireplace security with an assortment of complimentary colors, as well.


Tuckpointing is replacing the mortar between the brick that has decayed over time.
Rebuilding is necessary when both the brick and the mortar has decayed.
Sometimes referred to as the “crown”, a cement cap is a concrete top that sits on the very top course of brick on the chimney. These can be either all concrete or stone and concrete.
Flashing is installed at the base of the chimney at the roofline, and can be either galvanized or colored to match shingle colors on the home.

Brick & Stone Repair

Maintaining your home, while beautifying it, is an accomplishment that shows personal pride in your greatest investment-your home. With D&O Masonry experts, we will show you the natural simplicity of beautiful cultured-stone and how it can remarkably enhance the overall appearance of your home, whether it be a window-dressing, a walkway, interior or exterior; we have what you need.

Reasons to choose D&O

- Exteriors
- Interiors
- Facades, Steps, and More.
- Huge selection of brick and stone.
- More the 20 years experience in the craft of masonry.
- Cost-efficient and timely job performance.

Concrete Replacement & repair

Sidewalks, Driveways, Deckside or Poolside, D&O Can make it new again!

Why reinvent the wheel if you don’t have to? If you’re tired of discolored, cracked and ugly concrete on your decks, poolside’s, or walkways, then why gets rid of it when you can easily enhance its overall appearance with cultured-stone instead? With over 20 years experience in providing superior masonry craftsmanship, D&O experts will create beautiful decks, poolside and enchanting walkways for your home’s interior. Let D&O Masonry recapture your home’s natural beauty again.

Stone & Cultured Stone

Create beauty, charm and class to your home for a lifetime

What really sets apart an aesthetically beautiful home that increases its overall value to the neighborhood from the one that just seems to fade in the distance without much notice?

While a fresh coat of paint can ‘temporarily’ enhance the looks of an unattractive and dull-looking home ; it is the craftsmanship of stone and cultured stone masonry that truly sets it apart from the rest, and that long endures while neighbors re-paint every single year.

Why not enjoy the beauty of a natural cultured-stone fireplace that adds beauty and interior warmth, while saving on expensive gas bills? Or, how about that cultured stone walkway, or chimney you’ve always wanted that creates old world beauty and charm?

At D&O, let our team of experts show you the many ways to beautify your home’s interior and exterior at affordable prices that are also attractive to your budget, as well.


- Interiors

- Exteriors

- Large selection of materials and styles.

- Stone Veneers

- Fireplaces

- And More!

Glass Blocks

Windows, Walls, Wet Bars, and More (At any shape & size!)

Typically for bathrooms and other areas of privacy, glass blocks can also provide you with much needed sunlight, privacy and beauty for any other areas in your home that you desire. With over 20 years of experience and knowledge in local codes, D&O Masonry experts can provide you with the finest glass block windows available.